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The Bang bang Mission

At Bang Bang, we are all about crafting the perfect burger. Our story began with two friends in South London who wanted to bring the best American smash burgers to the UK, but using locally sourced, high quality ingredients. While treating our staff well, and putting the customer first.

What Makes Our Burgers The Bang Bang?

Our star player is the signature Bang Bang mince blend. A finely tuned blend of prime rib cap expertly mixed with brisket and short rib, with added extra fat to make the juiciest, beefiest burger possible.  Our meat is dry aged for up to 60 days to naturally enhance the flavour of the mince to the max. Our North Yorkshire Dale butchers only use a grind plate that is unique to Bang Bang. Every beef burger is individually hand-pressed and expertly cooked and constructed for the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Our chickens are from North Riding, near York… out-door reared, fed on cereal and fresh herbs. The chicken burger is made using a blend of rice flour, corn flour with a handful of spices, resulting in a really light and crispy chicken burger.

The smoked and dry-cured bacon we source from farms outside of Colchester.

The Bath Soft Cheese Company supply their award-winning organic Bath Blue cheese that tops our best selling burger.

Fouad and Bertrand our very own French master bakers, who produce each and every one of our burger buns by hand, daily, in the B&M ovens in Bermondsey. The result is our demi-brioche buns that are buttery but not too sweet.

Our burgers have been expertly curated to balance all the flavours for your maximum enjoyment – so no flavour is lost. Our chefs make all of our sauces, in-house from scratch, adding a distinctive Bang Bang blend of herbs and spices to each, to give our unique taste.

The result is burgers that are expertly curated, cooked and constructed.

Sustainability and Quality

We take pride in using fresh, high-quality ingredients across our menu. Almost all our ingredients are produced in the UK. All our meat is sustainably sourced and ethically reared from exceptional native breed farmers. We are very close to launching a wholly sustainable, new range of vegan burgers. The development and tasting is done. We just need to activate the plan! Additionally, we’re committed to doing our part for the environment by implementing eco-friendly practices like recycling and composting, fixing equipment rather than always replacing with new.

More than Just a Burger

We’re more than just a burger joint. Our pub locations offer a full kitchen with a more extensive menu of pub classics and weekly specials for the whole family. Plus, we host events like drag nights, live music, comedy nights, and quizzes to make sure there’s always something going on at Bang Bang.

Fresh Meat

Fresh bakery

handmade sauce

Find Bang Bang Around London

Whether you’re looking for the best burger in South London or want to try something new, we’ve got you covered. Each of our restaurants has its own unique menu, so there’s always something new to try.

Find us

Watson General Telegraph

eat-in • delivery

108 Forest Hill Road
London SE22 0RS

Monday - Sunday
12am - 10pm
menu order

The Ram


68 Wandsworth High Street
London SW18 4LB

12am - 10pm
menu order

Spanish Galleon

EAT-IN • delivery

48 Greenwich Church Street
London SE10 9BL

Monday - Sunday
12am - 10pm
menu order

Railway Telegraph

eat-in • delivery

112 Stanstead Road
London SE23 1BS

Monday - Sunday
12am - 10pm
menu order

Between The Bridges


Belvedere Road
London SE1 8XX

Tuesday-Thursday: 12am - 12pm
Friday: 12am - 12pm
Saturday: 11am - 12pm
Sunday: 11am - 11pm


For Business

5 Market Place
London SE16 3UQ

12am - 10pm
menu order

Bang Bang Events

Looking to plan the perfect party, a treat for your staff, or stop a mutiny amongst the film crew? Whether it’s a corporate event, an office do, or a birthday bash, we can help. We offer craft services and location catering that include burgers, sliders, and sides. We also have a sister company specialising sweet and savoury waffles. Plus, we can host your event at one of our Victorian pub locations.

a bang bang bacon slider burger hold and wrapped in a hand
a box with bang bang burger slider

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